About Us

Our department started accepted students in 2009-2010 academic year. First undergraduate students graduated at the end of 2013-2014 academic year.
Education in our department is 100% English. Students admitted to the program receive 1 year foreign language preparatory education if they do not provide foreign language proficiency. There is a compulsory internship in our department for 40 working days. Starting from the 3rd grade, most of the curriculum consists of elective courses within and outside the department, so our students are encouraged to specialize in different areas of Computer Engineering and to gain knowledge in non-engineering areas. The programs used in the courses are open-source and Linux based. With many hands-on homeworks and projects given in technical courses, it is aimed that our graduates have both theoretical and practical aspects.
As of 2019-2020 academic year, 10 doctoral lecturers teach in our department. Our undergraduate student quota is 70.
After graduating from the undergraduate program, graduates of our department can continue their Master and Doctorate programs in Bioinformatics.
There are 5 computer laboratories available to the use of our students.

Linux Lab. It is a laboratory with 35 computers with Ubuntu operating system and hands-on courses and student presentations are made.

Big Data Lab. It is a laboratory that is used by project scholars and researchers and where department meetings, seminars and research are held.

Network Lab. It is a laboratory with a capacity of 30 people and its own network infrastructure, where Network classes (Cisco Network Academy) are conducted and research are held.


Thin Client Lab. It is a laboratory with a capacity of 60 people, where students carry out project works, and courses and seminars are held.

Software Lab. It is a laboratory where 70 computers with Linux Mint operating system used for hands-on application courses, student presentations and workshops.